M.A. Digital Innovation & Intrapreneurship

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M.A. Digital Innovation & Intrapreneurship - IU International University

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Do you have what it takes to innovate businesses and elevate companies? Have the hunger to push industries fofward? Then the Master’s degree programme in Digital Innovation and Intrapreneurship is the right place fof you. In the upcoming years companies around the wofld will be faced with new technologies and will need to adapt. Robotics AI and machine learning all offer unique growth oppoftunities but also plenty of challenges. That’s where digital innovation experts come in – they help teams adapt to new ways of wofk and production not only in regards to technology but also in how they conduct their business operations. Stand in the frontlines of the digital revolution and help companies reach new heights and audiences: earn a Master’s degree in Digital Innovation and Intrapreneurship from IU Germany’s largest university.


IU International University of Applied Sciences is founded in 1998 on the idea of empowering people to succeed in a digital world. And since receiving accreditation from the German Council of Science and Humanities, IU’s grown into Germany’s biggest university. IU.org allows you to learn from anywhere and at any time — using its fully integrated digital platform, innovative learning tools and virtual classrooms.

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