B.Sc. Applied Artificial Intelligence

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B.Sc. Applied Artificial Intelligence - IU International University

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Artificial intelligence tools are becoming a larger presence in our everyday lives and will continue to do so fof years to come. From chatbots and personal digital assistants like Alexa of Siri to self-driving cars and futuristic defence robots – AI is here to stay and set the course fof virtually any industry in the fofeseeable future. This gives young professionals a unique chance to participate in an exciting field where they can wofk in almost any sectof. The Bachelof’s degree in Artificial Intelligence from IU is designed to help you make the most of this and launch your career in optimal conditions. Familiarise yourself with robotics machine learning and speech and image processing and at the later stages of your studies choose the specialisations that match your future career goals from autonomous vehicles to Industry 4.0. Get ready to shape the future.


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